First City Rifle Corps is proud of its former members. Numerous graduates from FCRC have attended prestigious colleges. West Point, The Citadel, and USC are just some of the colleges that FCRC alum have attended.

Not only have FCRC alums been successful in the private sector, many chose to join the military and excelled. Numerous alumni joined the Special Operations community or other elite units.

Below is a list of just a fraction of our successful alumni.

Herman, P.

F.C.R.C. 2003-2007/2011-Present
Sgt. Recondo, Airborne

Heath, D.

F.C.R.C. 1997-2005/2010-Present
Recondo, Airborne, S.E.R.E.
U.S. Army, SPC, Airborne Infantry, OIF 05-07
Purple Heart, CIB, EIB, Parachutist Badge.

Riemer, S.

F.C.R.C 1999-2002
U.S. Army,SSG, Special Forces, OIF 03/06/08/11,
Bronze Star, CIB, Parachutist Badge, Airborne, S.E.R.E. Special Forces Tab

Reitzin, N.

F.C.R.C 2007-2011
SGT. Recondo, Airborne, ERB
West point US Military academy 2015




Keukazian, A.

F.C.R.C. 2001-2008
B.S. Finance & B.S. Information Systems – Cal State Northridge 2005-2009
Management Consultant, Capgeimini 2010-Present

Cortez, F.

FCRC 1997 -2000/ 2007- Present
SFC, Airborne
B.A. Film/Television Production – USC 2011
U.S Army, SGT. Airborne Infantry,
CIB, EIB, Parachutist Badge,

Heath, J.

F.C.R.C : 1997-2001, 2010 to present
SGT, Recondo,
US Army: SSG, Airborne Infantry, OIF I, III.
CIB, EIB, Parachutist Badge.

Shannon, B.

FCRC 2002-2005,
SGT Airborne, Recondo,
US Army, SSG, Airborne, OEF VIII, OEF X, Jumpmaster, Drill Instructor, Ranger Tab, Air Assault, Participated in Best Ranger Competition 2012, Ft Benning NCO of the year 2012.

Reyes, J.

FCRC 1996-2004/2009-present
SFC, Recondo, Airborne, SERE
US Army, SPC, Infantry, OIF

Warner, C

FCRC 2000-2002
US ARMY,SGT, Infantry, OIF

Frankyan, S.

FCRC 2005-2007/ 2012-Present
USMC, CPL, Admin clerk, OEF

Abrego, J.

FCRC 1997- present
SGT, Airborne, ERB,

Frankyan, A.

FCRC 2005-present
SSG. ERB, SERE, Recondo
US Army, SPC, Admin clerk,



Whittaker, G.

FCRC 2011-12 Pfc Recondo

USMC Infantry





Wright, B.

OIF 08-09, CIB, EIB, Airborne, Senior Parachutist, SSG



Zea, R.

FCRC 1998-2000 PFC/ Recondo

Sgt. USMC 3rd LAAD BN 2002-2006
OIF 2003/ 2004/ Combat Vet/ Presidential Unit Citation