1) Does my son/daughter have to join the military if they join FCRC?
There is no obligation to join the military if your child joins FCRC.

2) How much does the program cost?
The program costs $100 a year at the beginning of our fiscal year, which begins in October. Costs may be lower depending on what time of the year your teen joins. This money helps fund our program and some goes to Learning for Life for medical insurance for our camping trips.

3) How long does my teen have to sign up for?
Each teen signs up for a term of one year at a time.

4)  Does FCRC issue out uniforms and equipment?
No, First City Rifle Corps does not provide uniforms, however we have some uniforms donated by former members. Please ask before purchasing anything, as we may be able to help. For newer members, FCRC can loan out equipment for camping trips, as we understand the up-front costs may be burdensome.

5) How often do you meet? When and where?
First City Rifle Corps meets every Tuesday night from 1800(6 p.m.) to 2130 (9:30 p.m.) in the Community Room at Fire Station 87 10124 Balboa Boulevard, Granada Hills CA 91344, and typically once a month for our Field Training Exercises (FTX).

6) Is this a boot camp program for troubled youth?
No, First City Rifle Corps is not a boot camp program. We work to improve the youth’s ability to lead, build responsibility and educate youth on a possible career in the military. Some troubled youth have come to FCRC and have become model citizens.  If you are having severe behavioral problems with your teen, there are plenty of other programs designed for them.

7) How does this program benefit my Teen?
We hope to provide your teen with tools to succeed in life outside of high school. We give those who hope to join the military a look at a structured and disciplined environment. For those who wish to begin a career other than the military or in college, FCRC can help them build skills to accomplish goals under pressure and within timelines.

8) What are my responsibilities as a parent?
As a parent, we expect you to play an active role in your teen’s life with FCRC. Ensure prompt timeliness and transportation to our weekly meetings (6PM-930PM). Your attendance at your teen’s graduation and awards ceremonies will greatly help things, as well as the relationship to your teen.