Class Room (UTA)

Every Tuesday rifleman meet at the and receive instruction from a highly qualified instructors in land navigation, first aid, tactics, and drill and ceremony.

Red training includes many military science courses, such as Drill and Ceremony, Customs and Courtesies, Organization and Structure of the United States Army, First Aid, Land Navigation (Orienteering), Weapons Marksmanship, among many other subjects.

Amber training focuses on team building, and includes Camouflage, Techniques of Movement (in combat situations), Defensive and Offensive tactics, Battle Drills, and many more.

Green, the more advanced level of learning, nearly finalizes the skills required to be  a leader. Youth are taught how to teach classes, counsel underclassmen,  make required corrections, accept responsibility and delegate tasks, all while learning advanced military classes. Some of these classes include  Patrolling, Reconnaissance, Leadership, and advanced tactics.