Physical Fitness (PT)

Physical Fitness is a cornerstone to any well trained, effective military in the world. Physical Training (PT), prepares our riflemen for the physical challenges of fulfilling their objective in a wide range of activities in numerous environments, be it work, home, school, or ultimately, in the military.  The first hour of our weekly meetings is devoted to PT. Our PT program has a mix of calisthenics, body weight exercises (pushups, sit-ups, etc), and cardiovascular training, normally a one to two mile run. Occasionally, we will conduct “Combat PT”, which is designed to simulate the rigorous conditions  a modern soldier will face while deployed. Last but not least, we build self confidence and self defense skills with our “Combatives” course. This course is our own mix of US Army self defense and any other relevant martial arts.  After a regimen of PT, riflemen are required to pass the final portion, a Physical Fitness test, based on the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test).






Follow this Program to improve your Push ups.
Follow this Program to improve your Sit ups.
Follow This Running Program for beginners.
Follow this Program to improve your pull ups.

Body by Brenden Shannon

Sample 1

10 mintues of Stretching/Warm up

2 minutes of the front plank

75 Flutter kicks; 50 sit ups; 25 crunches (repeat this whole thing twice)

2 minutes of push ups (they may rest, but not touch the floor throughout the duration). x2

10x 8-count pushups

1 min per side of the Side Plank

Cool Down/Stretching

Sample 2

10 mintues of Stretching/Warm up

2 minutes of Front Plank

2 minutes Side Plank per side

3 mile run

Cool Down/Stretching

Sample 3

10 minutes Stretching/Warm up

30 pull ups (they may take breaks but they want to do this in the shortest amount of time possible)

4 minutes of Grass Drills (Front, Back, Go’s)

Wall Hand Stands 1 minute (twice)

Suicides where the farthest line is no more than 25meters

5x 75meter sprints with 60 seconds rest in between each sprint

4 minutes finisher—check out the videos on page 2

Cool Down/Stretching