Expert Rifleman Badge


The Expert Rifleman’s Badge (ERB) is a course designed to demonstrate proficiency and attention to detail in basic Rifleman skills. Riflemen are expected to complete 30 basic tasks, at twelve stations, during two days of testing. Some of the test stations include: six mile foot march in one hour and half, pass a PT test, first aid, arming and throwing a hand grenade, employing and recovering claymore mines, camouflage, protecting against nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, assembling and disassembling an AR-15 rifle, as well as many more. The ERB course teaches riflemen standards of training, and provides an area of common experience, as well as boosting self-confidence, and a great opportunity to demonstrate the ability to complete tasks.

First Aid

                         Evaluate a casualty

                         Perform mouth to mouth resuscitation

                         Apply field and pressure dressing

                         Apply a tourniquet  (***WARNING*** do not practice on people.)

                         Prevent or control shock

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC)

                         Protect yourself from chemical/biological containment using your assigned protective mask

M4 or AR15

                         Clearing M4 or AR15

                         Perform a function check on an M4 or AR15 (**DOC**)

                         Load and unload a M4 or AR15

                         Correct malfunction on an M4 or AR15

                         Field strip and reassemble M4 or AR15 (**PDF**)

Map reading

                         Identify terrain features on a map

                         Determine a target location using a eight digit grid coordinate

Hand grenades

                         Employ hand grenades on a static position

                         Identify hand grenades

Basic Individual Techniques

                         Move under direct fire

                         Perform camouflage self and equipment

                         Estimate range

                         Use Visual Signaling Techniques

Indirect Fire

                         Locate a target by shift from a known point

                         Adjust indirect fire

Operate a Radio

                         Operate PRC-77 (**PDF**)

                         Send a message using the Phonetic alphabet

Security and Intelligence

                        Report information using S.A.L.U.T.E. report