Recondo School is the premiere training school offered by FCRC, and was carefully constructed by former Special Operations cadre to offer motivated individuals the opportunity to push themselves further then they thought possible.

The Recondo course is two weeks long and consists of a one week classroom portion at the Van Nuys National Guard Armory followed by a one week field portion in Big Bear. Due to the extensive time requirements to run the Recondo course, the course is typically held once a year in late June.

Throughout the Recondo course students will be challenged both physically and mentally. Recondo candidates are constantly tested in individual and team tasks to assess their readiness to become an elite member of the Recondo Team. Recondo training will also provide training in planning and operations of combat and reconnaissance operations. The course will graduate highly trained, well-motivated riflemen who will share with his unit those skills and abilities acquired during the Recondo course. Although many candidates attend Recondo school, only those who meet all the requirements earn the right to wear the black shirt, the Recondo tab, and the black beret.

If you think you can excel in a tremendously difficult environment, then Recondo school may be for you!

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Recondo school documents:

Recondo School Packing List

Recondo LOI 11-12


RECONDO 1 WK (excel)