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Field Training Exercises (FTX)

In the field is where riflemen can put the skills learned in the classroom to the test. Land Navigation, small unit tactics, first aid, and other lessons truly get learned while staying in the woods of Big Bear or the Mojave Desert.

Military Explorers Physical Training

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is important life skill beyond FCRC and the military. FCRC Members spend a portion of every week excercising and learning how to excercise. Setting up long term physical fitness habits are important for young adults.

Recondo School

FCRC Recondo School is inspired by the Vietnam Era Recondo School. The grueling course is the hardest course offered and those select graduates who pass will earn the right to wear the black beret and Recondo Tab.

Each week riflemen attend classes from 6 to 9 pm learning a wide arrange of skills from map reading to first aid. As members of FCRC stay in the program longer the classes become more comprehensive and intense.

Military Explorers Rappel training

Every week the Army Military Explorers at FCRC participate in training at the Van Nuys National Guard Armory. Part of the preparation includes training in skills required before traveling to the field. 

Here the riflemen learn how to tie “Swiss Seats” using a strand of rope prior to traveling to Stoney Point in Chatsworth, California and rappelling down a 90 foot cliff face.